Sainsbury Big Bike Ride

Charity of the Year with Sainsbury's Bingham Local


Bingham Penguins have been chosen as Charity of the Year by Sainsbury’s Bingham Local Store
Customers at the Bingham Local branch of Sainsbury’s were given tokens and asked to vote for a local cause to become Charity of the Year for the store and Bingham Penguins have been selected. Until June next year there will be collecting tins at the tills and we hope to collaborate with them in some other fundraising efforts.

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First of these was the Sainsbury’s “Big Bike Ride 2016”. Keen cyclists from Sainsbury’s staff aimed to visit all the branches around the country with an East Midlands group covering the branches in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. Stuart Fraser, manager of the Bingham Local store joined them on Sunday 11th September as they toured the branches around Nottingham. Stuart had also arranged for a static exercise bike to be set up in store in Bingham and parents, committee members and swimming volunteers took it in turns to raise the club profile by pedalling away during the weekend. Many thanks to all those who took a turn. We managed to fill a couple of collecting boxes – total raised to follow as the money is counted up.

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