Penguins are Migrating

So, after many years with Penguins using the Bingham Pool at Toothill School, we are moving!

Here is a letter we have just sent to all our swimmers and volunteers. Keep watching for more details!

c/o 27 Ropsley Crescent
West Bridgford

To all Swimmers, Families and Volunteers

The Penguins are migrating

Those of you who were at our recent AGM will have already heard our intention to move Bingham Penguins from Toothill School to the new Pool at West Bridgford. We are sorry that this will have come as a surprise to you but it was a choice that the committee had to make quite quickly and we did not have the opportunity to consult as we would have liked.
We have recently lost a number of swimmers from the club because of complaints about the temperature of the water at Bingham pool and have long worked with the centre staff about cleanliness and maintenance issues. At a recent meeting of pool users it was implied that the future of the Toothill pool is uncertain in the long development plans for the school so there was some reluctance for Parkwood to invest funds in the site.
We have therefore looked at alternative venues (Cotgrave, , fully aware that any move would inconvenience some of our members (though others would benefit) and break with our traditional home.
Then, with the development of the new Arena Pool at West Bridgford we were presented with a new opportunity. The Sunday evening slot from 5:30 – 7:00 was available but we had to move quite quickly to secure it.

● New Venue with better facilities
● Water at deck level – no high sides, and shallow steps allowing better access for the swimmers.
● 4 Local Secondary schools running Sports Leadership or DoE, offering a pool of potential volunteers
● Secure future

The pool is located just of Rugby Road, West Bridgford, in the new complex which also houses the Rushcliffe Council Offices

The Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road, West Bridgford, NG2 7HY
We really believe the move will be good for the club and its swimmers. We want to make sure the move works well for everyone especially those who have a little further to travel. If you are not sure whether you want to make the move to Rushcliffe, all we ask is that you give it a try and talk to us about what we could do to make it work for you. Please speak to one of the poolside team or committee members.
Marian Crawford
Bingham Penguins

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